About Z9

     Allan Vest
Owner / Founder
Z9 Digital, LLC 



Hello, my name is Allan Vest. I'm the Owner / Founder here at Z9.

Z9 was originally founded in 2006 as AllMerchants, LLC and later renamed to Z9 Digital, LLC in 2015.

2022 will be our 17th year in business.

My personal passion has always been computers and technology. I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Computer Engineering.

We are proud to be able to say that Z9 is debt free, the company is not beholden to investors, and we fully control the future direction of the company.

Misson Statement / Philosophy

Our roots are in building custom Enterprise level applications.

Our niche has always been e-commerce.

Our mission is to help companies leverage web technology to their advantage.

We are always consultants first and developers second.

Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients to build solutions that work for thier business.

We have systems that have been running for 10+ years.

Our systems are designed to run for decades.



The Internet was starting to take off and I worked for 8 years as a solution architect, consultant, and team lead for web development projects. At one point, I was managing 17 developers and responsible for the delivery of $2 million a year in client projects.

I invested two years into building a "managed web hosting" solution.

Z9 Digital is founded. Z9 specializes in building custom e-commerce sites.

Z9 worked with a print company to build a system that spins up individually branded online catalog sites for each of their print customers.

Z9 builds our first company brand store site for a promotional product distributor.

Z9 worked with an e-commerce fulfillment company to build a multi-channel order management system. The system harvests orders from hundreds of stores each hour, pushes the orders into an internal fulfillment system, and then updates the stores with current inventory and shipment information several times a day.

Z9 focuses our e-commerce expertise on building a solution that can manage company brand stores at scale. We start with a clean sheet of paper to design a system that can setup and manage hundreds of company brand stores.

Z9 pilots our new "Z9 Commerce 2.0" software. The first release includes our new Multi-Channel Order Management System that allows for managing orders from multiple stores in one admin.

Z9 releases our new Store Management System that allows for quickly spinning up company brand stores, automatic generation of branded product images, and managing of product pricing and product availability across sites.

Z9 adds Employee Rewards/Appreciation functionality in the form of Popup Shops.

Remote First

Z9 is headquartered in metro Detroit.

Because our clients are spread out across the country and the services we provide are hosted in the cloud, Z9 has a "remote first" philosophy.

With today's online collaboration tools, our development team can work together in real time and be located anywhere as long as they have a computer, a phone, and a reliable Internet connection.

As such, all Z9 team members work "remote", which was especially beneficial during Covid.

Z9's "remote first" philosophy improves the balance between work and family for our team members and allows Z9 to pull from a much larger talent pool.



Allan L. Vest
Owner / Founder
Direct: (586) 693-2599