Company Brand Stores

Back-End Administration screen for Orders


Z9 Commerce

The Z9 Commerce 3.x e-commerce system is tailored for the needs of "Promotional Product Dealers".

Unlimited Sites

A Z9 Commerce license allows you to create an unlimited number of company brand stores and popup shops for one monthly/yearly licensing fee.

Quick Setup of New Sites

You can quickly setup a "Company Brand Store" for each of your customers and prospects.

Popup Shops and Group Orders

The system supports setting up both company brand stores and popup shops.

Single View of Orders and Customers

You can see all of your orders and customers from one admin screen regardless of how many sites you have.

Master Products List

You create and manage one list of master products that is used across all of your sites. There is no need to repeatedly setup the same products for each site.

Automated Pricing Updates

Pricing rules will automatically recalculate the price of each site product when the master product pricing is updated.

Automated Virtual Product Image Generation

You can upload a client logo and the system will automatically generate the branded product images for you. There is no need to manually create each image.

Promo Standards Integration

The system will automatically manage product availability and pricing by integrating with supplier data.

Do-It-Yourself Site Setup

Your team can set up sites without the need of tech support assistance.

You Own Your Data

We help you get setup with your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) account to host the system. The entire system runs on your cloud hosting account. We provide "Manage Hosting" services to make sure everything stays running. You own and control your data on your servers running your licensed instance of the system.


The software can be extended to integrate with other internal systems and external suppliers, decorators, warehousing, and fulfillment providers.

Time Tested

Z9 started out building custom e-commerce sites in 2006. We set up our first promotional product company brand store in 2010. The system includes over two decades of real world use, experience, and testing.

Mobile Friendly

The sites are "mobile responsive", which means the display is optimized for both a desktop browser and a mobile phone browser.

The site management admin works on a desktop browser, is optimized for a tablet size screen, and will work nicely on a mobile phone (with horizontal scrolling in some cases).

Licensed Asset

The Z9 Commerce system is licensed software. When it comes time to sell your book of busines, we believe it is important that the customizations, time, money, and effort invested into your instance of the system is a key part of what makes your business unique. Your instance of the system with your book of business is your competitive advantage and as such is an asset that has considerable value.


The software is "self hosted" on your cloud hosting account. We work with you to setup an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account where the servers will be hosted. You pay AWS directly for hosting costs.

Z9 Support

We provide two kinds of support. "Base Support" and "Premium Support".

Our "Base Support" package is provided as a fixed monthly fee to manage the system on your cloud hosting account and basically covers everything needed to keep the system running on a day to day basis.

For special requests and customizations, we also offer an hourly rate for "Premium Support". Premium support can used to request new integrations, new reports, custom features, etc.

Software Updates Included

A valid Z9 Commerce license, paid either monthly or yearly, includes software updates while the license is active.

Source Code License

An optional source code license is available. The source code license requires a signed Source Code Non-Disclosure Agreement.