Join The Z9 Team

Senior PHP Developer
(Remote, Contract, 20 hr/wk, U.S. business hours)

Are you looking for a steady long-term project where you can work remotely and have flexible hours?

We are looking for a developer that is open to learning and working on our software as it if was their own.

The software you would be working on is well written, time tested, and has been running in production for over a decade. 



Some of the things you would be working on include:

  • Ecommerce functionality.
  • API integrations.
  • Fulfillment/vendor integrations.
  • Excel report generation.
  • Mobile responsive html.
  • Web server setup.
  • Web site setup.
  • Bash automation scripts.

The position is remote and part-time.

You would need to be available a minimum of 20 hours per week.

The hours are flexible, though you would need to be available during U.S. business hours.

A fast Internet connection is required. You must be able to establish a clear audio connection when making a conference call.

Our development environment requires a Windows computer/laptop, at least 2 monitors, and a headset for communications.


Motivation to learn and the ability to learn quickly is more important than experience. We are looking for a developer that can solve problems.

You should have development experience with:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Bash scripts
  • Linux command line
  • Git

Communication skills needed include:

  • Ability to clearly communicate verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to write up an implementation plan.
  • Ability to effectively describe the task you are working on.
  • Ability to effectively describe the work you just completed.
  • Ability to communicate progress in real time.
  • Ability to write up a testing plan.
  • Ability to write clean, well thought out code.


  • We use a PHP debugging tool that we built called Z9 Debug. You can see it here. All of our code includes debugging logic.
  • We use Git for version control.
  • We use GitHub and BitBucket for repository management.
  • We remotely host all of the development sites. There is a development site instance for each developer.
  • We use Jira for task tracking. 
  • We use Windows + Cygwin + PhpStorm as our development environment.
  • We use Zoom or Skype for online meetings. 
  • We host our servers on RackSpace.
  • We setup our servers with CentOS, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • We use Slack for team communications.


To apply for this position, we ask that you please fill out this form.