Z9 Commerce - Site Setup Process

Initial System Setup

The system is licensed to you and is hosted on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting account that is owned by you.

We handle everything needed to get the system installed and setup so that you can start using it.

We setup an administration site that is used to manage all of your client sites.

The domain name of the admin site will be something like https://admin.yourcompany.com.

As part of the initial setup, we will work with you to setup credit card payment processing, shipping calculations, and sales tax.


Create your Master Products List

For the first site, you will need to create a list of "master products".  This process can simplified by importing product data directly from suppliers using Promo Standards.

An unbranded image of the master product is uploaded, one for each color if there are multiple colors. This becomes the base image that the system layers the logo onto when creating virtual product images for a site.

For each master product base image, you will tell the system where the logo is to be placed.


Site Setup Process

You add a new site. The system automatically configures itself. No tech support needed.

There is an option to setup a site with or without locations. For sites with locations enabled, each location can have a different logo.

You set a markup or margin pricing rule for the site.

The system will automatically calculate the product price by applying the pricing rule to the sum of the master product costs, supplier costs, decorator costs, and logo costs.

You set up product categories for the site. (or copy from a previous site/location)

You upload your client's logo artwork. Logo images are required to have a transparent background and standardized image size.

You assign products from your master products list. (or copy from a previous site/location)

The system automatically generates the site products data, including the product pricing and virtual product images.

Optionally, you can register and assign a custom domain name to the site.