Z9 Commerce - Site Setup Process

First Site Setup Process

We setup your servers and we setup your instance of the software.

We setup an administration site that is used to manage all of the online catalog sites.

The domain name of the admin site will be something like https://admin.yourcompany.com.

We will need a domain name for the first online catalog site you want to build. You can register the domain name or have your client register the domain name, just let us know what it is, and we will work with you to update the DNS so that the new domain name will point to the new online catalog site.

You will create a master list of "brands". There will be one list of brands that work across all of the sites.

Then you will create a list of "master products". Each brand/brand item combination will be a master product.

Each master product will have a master product image. This will be the base image that we layer the logo on.

For automated product image generation to work, there will be an extra setup step related to the base image. We/you will need to set coordinates for the logo placement and values for scaling and rotation.

The master products will be organized by master categories.

We will create a software configuration for each new "site".

There are two site types. You can pick a site with or without support for "locations".

You will setup site specific categories. If the site has locations, you will setup categories for each location. The categories for a given site/location may vary from the master category list.

You will then assign master products to each site/location.

Once you have the products assigned to the site, you will need to setup pricing rules for that site.

Each of the master products will have a base price. The software will then use one or more pricing rules to adjust the base price up or down for the products in a given site/location. You could use a "retail less discount" or a "cost plus markup" strategy.

For each site/location, we/you will upload a logo image.

When logos are uploaded, it will be required that the image has a transparent background and has been standardized for a given width/height ratio.

There is a preview process for adding and removing products/categories.

Once all the product and category additions/changes/deletions are made, there will be a "publish" step to update the online catalog site with the applied changes.

The system will generate the product combinations, give each product a unique sku, calculate its price from the pricing rules, and generates the product image automatically.

For the first site, we will also need to setup a credit card payment method, define shipping rules and define tax rules.

Second Site Setup Process

The payoff of configuring the software for the first site is that each additional site will now require much less effort to create.

You assign master products to a new site and the system will automatically generate and sync the products and branded product images to the site.

We just need a domain name and the logo artwork.